23 Oct 2020

How to Get Started with jQuery?

it is too simple to use jQuery. You need to put jQuery coding in web page. and it will start to work.

Which version We should use?

Which version of jQuery you want to embed in webpages of your site. That totally depends on you and your work cretria.

Production version - This version's code is totally minified & compressed. Does not exist for Human Readable Fromat.
it is suitable for your live website webpage.

Devlopment version - This version of jQuery code are used for purpose only for development purpose in upcoming future. it is available in human readable & extension format. you can easily understand its codes .

Where to download or How to use?

there is two ways to download jQuery.
  1. Download from jQuery Official site.
  2. Using CDN.

Download from jQuery official site.

Copy jQuery code from jQuery.com and put it in you webpage's head section under script tag.

//jQuery codes

Using CDN

this is simple method & 
it make you work's effort easy. you require to only a url link where jQuery code have been hosted already. only thing you has to do. Put this link under webpage's head section under by using script tag.

  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

Advantage Of Using CDN

CDN - Content Delivery Network.
CDN link help webpage a lot for fast loading speed. if any site has been used jQuery cdn & if it is visited earlier with browser. then, It is saved as cache. another site webpage jQuery does not use internet broadband. it load from cache memory. so here, The CDN is giving your site leading for faster load.


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