8 Oct 2020

Threejs FBX Model Loader | Error Fixed

Threejs FBX Loader 

FBX Loader is a part of 3D model Loading components in Threejs. Which help you to load 3d models data to create 3d graphics. fbx Loader loads all data as Mesh, Material, Light, Scene, bones & combine these to create model object instance in three dimensional environment setup.

FBX Loader load data successfully only from FBX file format.

FBX Loader Errors Fixing :

Mostly if you work fbx loader first time. Then you may get error. Error show because you haven't included inflate.min.js libs. FBX Loader depending on that. That's dependency case here.

firstly include inflate.min.js file. then after that put FBXloader.js file.

  <script src="examples/js/libs/inflate.min.js"></script>



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