16 Nov 2020

Blogger b:eval Tag | Blogger Tags Usage Reference

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We are going to discuss about b:eval of blogger tag. Questions :- Where to use b:eval tag? How to use b:eval tag correctly?

b:eval tag

This tag is specially used to evaluate simple expression and as well complicated expression also.

Format or b:eval tag notation

<b:eval expr=' Expression '/>

Examples b:eval.

    <b:eval expr="data:post.labels[0].name"/>

    Output value : is the name of label at index 0 of Array like itrable object.
    Usage : if you try to work with only 1 label. you can use this one b:eval tag. You don't have to go through a long process via b:loop tag.

  2. <b:eval expr="data:post.allowComments ? "Yes" : "No""/>

    Output : "Yes" if post comment is enabled, otherwise output will be "No".

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