5 Nov 2020

W3.CSS Framework Crafted By W3School | Alternative to Boostrap.

W3.CSS is a progressive & popular CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) Framework. Which is devloped by W3School Site Owner Inspired By Google Matrial User Interface. Its css source file is about 15KB. Which is absolutely too small to use and better for mentainention purpose. Either It can be copyed to style tag or import CDN link to webpage's head.

5 Point to Know about W3 CSS.

  • W3 CSS has been degine to be samller & easler to learn.
  • W3 CSS was degine alternative to Boostrap.
  • W3 CSS has been degined to suppert All Mordern Beowser with equility.
  • It is free to use. No license required!
  • It has buit with independent of Library Like jQuery.

W3 CSS Version

w3 css version 4 was realsed on March 24, 2019.

Download Link W3CSS v4. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css

Contributor W3CSS : Jan Egil and Borge Refsnes.

Extraction from normalize.css : Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal.

W3 CSS is Normalised.

Yes, W3CSS uses Normalize CSS. Which helps to remove browser bugs, render all element consenticty, makes it faster & responsive and give equility for all kinds of devices : Mobile, Tablet and Dextop.

W3.CSS PRO Version

w3css pro version is build for web developers.

It has not defined color, therefore it becomes too lightweight & faster also.

Pro version Download Link.


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