4 Dec 2020

How To Add Costom Favicon Icon in Blogspot?

In the post, we are going to know that How we can add Costom Favicon to your blogspot or site. You can do easily in 5 minutes.

What is Favicon?

Favicon is small square image called icon. It is used to identify your site in web browser site. It could help a lot to find your website in Browser tabs and Bookmark.

Favicon Icon should be squared image. Blogger recommends that Favicon Icon size should be less than 100 Kb.

You can select any resulation for Favicon icon, but remember it should be squared.

You can use these resolution sizes. (width × height) in pixel unit
  • 16 × 16
  • 32 × 32
  • 64 × 64
  • 96 × 96
  • Other sizes. Use any resulation sizes. but squared.


Blogger website uses favicon icon of resulation (32*32) pixel.

Same image is used as favicon for blogspot Subdomained site. this favicon is hosted at same server.
if my blog url is https://ashufortech.blogspot.com. then Blogger hosts favicon at or favicon url is https://ashufortech.blogspot.com/favicon.ico.

Add Costom Favicon to Blogspot Site.

Step #1 : Log in to your Blogger.com Dashboard.
Step #2 : Click Menu option.
Step #3 : Choose Setting option.
Step #4 : Click on Favicon hypertext of link.
Step #5 : Now upload you Favicon image icon.
Step #6 : Save it. It is Done.


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