7 Jan 2021

How To Create Http's Server in Java Android Programing?

create costom http server
Create Http Server?

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Today in this particular post we shall know about that How to create Https Server in Android by Java Programing Language? . Now Creating a your own Http's Server, will be easy for you.

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I have Searched too much queries in Google by asking question about How to create costom Https Server in Java Programing?

But I don't get satisfied answer till now. From here I have tried my best. And I got goal of ....

A Goal beyond Creatin a HTTP Server.

I had created this http sever for my app.

How to create http server in Android?

  • MyHttpServer class implements Runnable Interface.

    I declared 3 variables. Names are ...

    1. ServerSocket serverSocket;
    2. Socket socket = null;
    3. String textToshow = " string ";

  • @Overriding run() method,
    Intialising serverSocket = new ServerSocket() .
    Binding InteretSocketAddress .
    serverSocket.bind( new InetSocketAddress("", 8080) );
public class MyHttpServer implements Runnable


  ServerSocket serverSocket;

  Socket socket = null;

  String textToShow = "Ashutosh Kumar  <span style='font-size: 100px;'>女</span>";


  public void run()




    serverSocket = new ServerSocket();

    serverSocket.bind( new InetSocketAddress("", 8080));


PrintWriter printWriter;



     socket = serverSocket.accept();


     printWriter = new PrintWriter( socket.getOutputStream() );

     String response =

                        "<html><head></head>" +

      "<body>" +

      "<h1>" + textToShow + "</h1>" +



                 printWriter.print("HTTP/1.0 200" + "\r\n");

     printWriter.print("Content type: text/html" + "\r\n");

     printWriter.print("Content length: " + response.length() + "\r\n");


     printWriter.print(response + "\r\n");






   catch(IOException e)


   // TODO: Implement this method



Final Set up :

Call MyHttpServer in Main thread of android application.
Thread thred = new Thread(new MyHttpServer()); thred.start();


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