11 Feb 2021

How to Import Costom Font Typeface in Android App?

In this post I AM going to show you that How can you Import Costom Font Typeface in Your Android Application? . If you bored by using Default Font Typeface, you can download any stylish font typeface style from internet & apply them to the application to make more catchy look & interactive.

Downloading font typeface.

Download font typeface (.TTF) from Internet For your application which will look nice. you can download font style by searching for font style.

Importing Font Typeface to Android App

Font Typeface file with extension (.ttf), Move it your application project's assets directory.

Typeface class's static method Typeface.createFromAsset(Asset manager , "Font Name"). First argument is Asset

😎 Simple Ways, it is easy.
Typeface typeface = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets() , "Roboto-Regular.ttf"); 

Android any widget/view that have textual things, You can implement this above method to create an awosome/stylish text.


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