12 Feb 2021

What is Intent? Explicit & Implicit Intent.

In the post we are going to that What is an Intent in Android? What's explicit ? What is implicit?

What is Intent?

Intent is a message object in Android Programing Language. It is used to initiate other application's component (Activity, Service ) from current app.

How many types of Intent ? Categories of Intent.

Explicit Intent :- This a type of intent in Which a particular component are provided to full fill agenda.
  Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContect(), SecondActivity.class);

in this intent, a name of Activity SecondActivity.class has been provided, that have an intention to start another Activity from current one.

Implicit Intent :- The Intent in which a particular component's name is not provided. Then What? . This intent completes the Action, Over provided registered intent action of applications.

this intent is type implicit. Why?
android.intent.action.View - is intented to view any data. To complete this type Intents, A list of Application will be shown, Those application, which has registered this intents in Android application's activity.


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