21 Mar 2021

Blogger b:section and b:widget tag

In this post I am going to share knowledge with you About Blogger b:section and b:widget tags.

If you are using Blogger, And you are degining and crafting Blogger template for website theme.
Then, Before editing Blogger template, At least you must know two main tags for your Better layout Formation & Degine.

b:section tag

b:section tag is container for Blogger widgets or gadgets. This a Main building block of your layout in Blogger.
<b:section id='Blog1' class='blog-posts' maxwidgets="1" showaddelement="no">

Blogger b:setion Tag Attributes

  • id - (mandatory) you need to provide an id (identifier) for layout section. Provided id name can be seen in Blogger dashboard Layout. Section.
  • class - (optional) class Attribute is optional. Only used for CSS & JavaScript DOM.
  • maxwidgets - (optional) How many maximum widgets you are going to add in this current b:section.
  • showaddelement - (Optional) Do you want to show add element option in this b: section layout.


b:widget is main cause by which you are seeing the Blogs post of your blog.

<b:widget id=”BlogArchive1” locked=”false” mobile=”yes” title=”Blog Archive” type=”BlogArchive”/>

id - (Require) need to provide unique widget id for b:widget tag. This id will help you to style the widget by css and JavaScript. Why

type - Each widget have must a type Attribute. type widget can one of these blog, archive, html etc. which is defined by Blogger default.

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