18 Mar 2021

Blogger/Blogspot Themes Template Editing Tutorial

In this post we will know that How an we edit Blogger/Blogspot Template Theme? This article may help you to learn basic to advanced level of Blogger template editing.

here, I assume that you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Acctually Blogger does use XML scripting Language to create your blog page on server side. Whatever you do on Blogger template during editing it, it is an instruction which is run Server Side & pages are generated on the basis of suppled instruction Or say codes.

Blogger uses XML scripting Language. Which is a combination of HTML & XML. Also known as (XHTML). Under the XHTML every element must be closed tags.

Editing Blogger Template

Normally you were using either Blogger provide themes or any other Custom themes.
Let clear the blogger theme code from Blogger Template Themes Editor. How to do?

How to Clear Blogger template Theme Codes of Theme Editor. Go to Theme Editor page, & request to desktop top mode from choosing Web Browser/Chrome option menu. * Now tap long to editor & next select "select all" option. Now press keyboard remove button. Boom all code will have removed.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<b:skin type="text/css"> <![CDATA[



<b:section id="main">



Blogger BlogPost Gadget


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