2 Mar 2021

HTML/JavaScript Canvas 2D Drawing Tutorial & Example.

html JavaScript Canvas 2D graphic drawing

2D graphic grawing is an easy styff, Only you have to basic knowlwdge of HTML & JavaScript. Calling getContext(2d|webgl|experimental-webgl) method with proper string over CanvasHTMLElement
Returns CanvasRenderingContext2D. This is a context which os used to draw 2d graphic over canvas element.

returns 2d graphic drawing object. Or aay context in which , 2D graphic will be drawn.

Genrally for 3d graphic drawing,

How to Draw 2d Graphic over HTML Canvas Element?

lets follow the steps, To draw 2d primitive shape triangle, rectangle, circle, line & Text over Canvas Element.

Drawing Rectangle on Canvas with JavaScript.

After getting 2D context from Canvas, To draw rectangular shape object is called rect(x,y, width, height) method of 2d context.
x and y are repersenting 2 dimensional cordinations, Which tells from where to start draw rectangle's top-left corner.
These coordinates are provided relative to Canvas top-left corner in Pixel.

width and height are provided to rectangle acctual dimensions.

<canvas id="rect"> </canvas>

var ctx2d = document.getElementById("rect").getContext("2d");

ctx2d.rect(50,20, 200 ,100);


Rectange Demo

Drawing circle over Canvas.

Drowing Circle Over Canvas with Javascript

To draw Circle, Call Canvas2dRendringCondex.arc(x,y,radius,startAngle, endAngle, false);

x & y is two dimensional coordinate in pixel.
radius - Radius of a circle. center of circle will x and y coordinate.
startAngle - By default starting angle is started from 3 o'clock.
endAngle - Ending angle of an circle's arc.
Math.PI - 180° half of circle ( Semi-circle).
Math.PI*2 - 360° full circle.
Math.PI/2 - 90° one-fourth of a circle. Quadratic circle.

<canvas id="circcan"> </canvas>

var ctx2d = document.getElementById("circcan").getContext("2d");

ctx2d.fill = "rgb(184, 88,133)";
ctx2d.arc(150,75, 20, 0*Math.PI, 2 * Math.PI, false);


Circle Demo


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