1 Mar 2021

jQuery 20+ methods that should know you

jQuery $ 20+ method that should know you
Here, in this post we are going to share 20+ jQuery method that should know at least to do better coding with jQuery$. jQuery method are named with meaningful word that will help you to know what's is actually does this specific $ jQuery method & also belongs to JavaScript method.

1. Append( element )

Append method is called Over an element, to make an element as child. But this method adds element at last as row sequence of all children elements of parent element.

2. AppendTo()

Mean this element should append as child element to provide element.


This is called the over an element to put this current element to exactly right after referenceElement.

4. insertBefore()

This method is called Over an element to put the HTMLElement right before to provided element as argument.

5. val()

the Val() is specific kind of method that is specifically provided by jQuery to deal with HTML Form only. Here meant, Val() return value attributes of HTMLInputElement like input element with type text, number, email etc.


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