4 Mar 2021

Vuejs Transition | Css property

Vuejs Framework transitions | css property

Now, We are going to create Vue Project in which we will learn about how to use a Vue Transitiin to make about applictiin more realistic and intractive. This is going to be a simple tutorial on Vuejs Transitiin with basic examole.

What is Transition?

Simply, Transition animates a view or user interface of css property with smooth iterpolation. That's look nice.

CSS Transition with Pure Css&Js, No Vue.

This is an demonstrate a CSS Property Transition , By applying to element, How an HTML Element (User Interface)UI looks better & Beautiful rather than a having static one.
Animation Fade with Pure CSS & JAVASCRIPT

Vue Transition

<div id="app">
<button class="btn bg-dark text-light" v-on:click='show = !show'>Click</button>

<transition name="fade"> <span v-if='show' class="btn rounded-pill text-light bg-success"> ❂ How looks transition with <i style="color: rgb(65,184,131)">Vuejs Framework.<i><span> </transition> </div>
.fade-enter-active, .fade-leave-active { transition: opacity .5s; }

 .fade-enter, .fade-leave-to{ 
 opacity: 0; 
var vm = new Vue({
     el : "#app",
     data : {
         show : true 

❂ How looks transition with Vuejs Framework.


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