8 Apr 2021

Vue Component Registration Global & Local Scope

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Today we will try know that How we can create component in Vue js Globally & Local.

To create a component in Vue is very easy. It can be exported from & import to any other Vuejs project. You can find lots of Vuejs component on GitHub.

Global Scope Components

A component that is registered with Vue.component() static method of Vue Object. And any Vue instance can use it. For better understanding take an example javascript variables. A variable which is create outside of a javascript function is called Variable with Global Scope.

Vue.component("componet-name", {
template : /*    */

Local Scope Components

Vue local componet are available to a Vue instance in which the componet are defined. Defined componets are pass through Vue instance as object value `components`. see it in below Example.

const componet1 = {
//defining the template for Vue UI Component

template : "<div> Hello, I am Vue Component </div>"
const componet2 = {
template : "... "

var vm = new Vue({

componets : {
     'component-a'  : componet1,
     'component-b' : componet2


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