17 May 2021

Reactjs Event Tutorial

Today in this tutorial, I am going to share with you that How can you work with Event in Reactjs. Here I am going to put Simple example of Event implementation in Reactjs project.

Here is most simple example of Event Handling in React.

function App(){

var click = ()=>{

alert("Event is being Handled!");


return <h1 onClick={click}> Hi, Reactjs Event Handling </h1>;


//Renders the Component UI in document

ReactDOM.render( , document.getElementById("root"));

Above I have given javascript onClick event example. But lots of others javascript event are available.
To implement javascript event, event Attribute name should be in Camel case 🐫 format.

Event Attributes for React.

  • onClick - this one event you have see above.
  • onMouseOver - this event excuted when html element having touched for a while.
  • onMouseOut - it is opposite to above one onMouseOver.


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