15 May 2021

Write the name and use of 10 Javascript inbuilt functions.

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Hello guys, Today i am going to share with you javascript 10 inbuilt function and a breaf description of its uses. Javascript has lots of in-built Function, But the question is here to only 10 inbuilt function. Therefore here I will share 10 in-built function that i know.


In javascript Window is Function. That can be retrieved in javascript as already declared variable. Name is window . Window Function of javascript must get through window . it hasn't constructor like new Window() .

 console.log(window); //return [Window object]
 console.log(window.innerHeight); //return browser's window Height in pixel
 console.log(window.innerWidth);//return Browser's window width in pixel
 window.alert("Hello World"); // alert window with provided string.



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